asked the Minister for Defence whether he is prepared to consider payment of accounts due to traders for goods supplied to the Forces of the Provisional Government which occupied military and police barracks and other buildings throughout the Saorstát from January to June, 1922, inclusive.

Accounts from traders for goods supplied to forces of the Provisional Government occupying Military and Police Barracks and other buildings throughout the Saorstát from 1st February to 28th June, 1922, will be considered, and if it is proved that the goods were supplied to and were necessary for the maintenance of forces loyal to the Provisional Government, and the prices charged are reasonable, the accounts will be paid.

Arising out of that answer I would like to ask the Minister whether he considers the orders issued to the different merchants throughout the country for goods for the maintenance of those troops will be considered as Army Orders?

That would require some consideration, in view of the different circumstances in which orders were given, or alleged to have been given, on behalf of the Provisional Government.