asked the Minister for Defence if he can state the reasons for the delay in making payment to Mr. James O'Donohoe, Motor Driver, Gort, Co. Galway, for work done and cars supplied during the early summer of 1922, whether he is aware that Mr. O'Donohoe's business is practically ruined because of the financial embarrassment caused by the delay in dealing with his case, and whether he will consider the advisability of making a substantial payment on account if there is any further investigation needed before the matter is finally settled.

Mr. James O'Donohoe provided two Ford cars for transport services, and drove one car personally. He was supplied by the Army with petrol and oil to the value of £40, and repairs to his cars cost the State £44 16s. 0d. He was billeted at Army expense from June, 1922, to February, 1923, and in addition received payments amounting to £287 15s. 6d.

Consideration of his claim is near completion, and it is regretted that it is not feasible at present to make a further payment on account.

asked the Minister for Defence if he will expedite payment of account for £181 7s. 9d. due to Messrs. H. Milligan and Co., Athlone, the items of which have been certified as correct by the Command Quartermaster, Athlone, and were supplied in September, 1922.

A cheque for the amount claimed by Messrs. Milligan and Co., less £4 18s. 0d., for overcharges, has been issued.

asked the Minister for Defence whether he is aware that Patrick Morrissey, Motor Agent, Youghal, Co. Cork, presented many months ago for payment to the Military Authorities, bills certified by the local accounts officer for work done for the troops, cars supplied them, and for cars damaged by them, etc., and if he will state when the account will be disbursed.

Consideration and certification of Mr. Morrissey's account is not yet complete, but part of the account will be paid at an early date.

asked the Minister for Defence if he will expedite the payment of an account due Messrs. Fallon and Son, Mullingar, of £94 17s. 6d., detailed statements of items having been several times supplied.

Consideration of the account of Messrs. Fallon and Son will be expedited, and, if it is in order, it will be settled at an early date.