asked the Minister for Defence if he will state whether an application for dependents' allowance was received in June, 1923, from George O'Keeffe, Resker, Banagher, Co. Galway, in respect of his son, George, who joined the army in June, 1922, and who is now stationed in Galway, and if so, whether the claim was acknowledged; further, whether he is aware the boy mentioned, prior to attestation, contributed to the support of his father and mother, who are badly circumstanced, and whether sanction will be expedited.

The only application received reached the Department concerned on the 10th May last. The usual form was despatched to the applicant on the same day, and was returned, duly completed, on 28th May. The claim was disallowed on the grounds that the amount normally contributed by George O'Keeffe towards the maintenance of his home for a reasonable period prior to enlistment was less than the minimum required by the regulations, namely, 12/- per week, before an allowance might be issued. The claimant was duly notified on the 7th August.