asked the Minister for Defence if he has received repeated applications from Mrs. Culleton, O'Moore's Forrest, Mountmellick, Leix, for dependents' allowance on behalf of her son, Jeremiah Culleton (No. 33520, 1st Battalion, D Company, Keogh Barracks, Dublin), who joined the National Army on March 26th, 1923, and if he can now state when this claim will be settled.

One application for dependents' allowance was received from Mrs. Culleton. She was informed on the 9th July, 1923, that her claim had been disallowed after the investigation on the ground that the amount normally contributed by her son to his home over and above the cost of his own maintenance therein for a reasonable period prior to enlistment was less than the minimum required by the regulations, 12s. per week, before an allowance might be issued.