I beg to give notice that I will raise on the adjournment this evening, a question as to the treatment which ex-Service men of the National Army are receiving at the hands of the Government, and also a question as to the dependents of deceased soldiers.

The Deputy is giving notice of two questions. He will only have a very short time to deal with those questions. From his own point of view, would it not be better to raise one question at a time.

Then I will raise the former question—the treatment of ex-National Army men. I wish to ask, further, if it would be possible for the Government to postpone some of the items they have on the Orders of the Day for the purpose of giving a longer time to the discussion of this question.

I do not think it would be possible to accede to that request. But as far as I am concerned, I am prepared to sit as long as the Deputy wishes to discuss the matter after the half-hour.

May I take it that the President is quite prepared to allow the discussion to go on longer than half-an-hour? I want to know whether we would be in order in discussing this question longer than the half-hour?

The President would need to move to sit to some later hour if we are to have more than half-an-hour's debate on the adjournment.

Then I move that we sit until 9.30 to-night. The discussion on this question can be taken at 8.30.