asked the Minister for Defence if he will state what is the delay in the payment to Mr. Thomas Carthy, Carrick-on-Shannon. Leitrim, for cars and food supplied by him to the National Army.

Accounts amounting to £20 2s. Od. contracted by Volunteers prior to the formation of the National Army on the 1st February, 1922, in respect of motor hire and accessories have been received. They are not a charge on Army Funds, but they will be considered when the Indemnity Bill. 1924, which is at present before this House, becomes law.

Similar accounts amounting to £54 1s. 9d., contracted by the Army, have been assessed at £43 14s. 2d., and this amount was paid on the 23rd ultimo.

No claim in respect of food supplied appears to have been received at Headquarters. If a detailed statement of the amount alleged to be due is forwarded by Mr. Carthy to the Cashier. Army Finance Office. Portobello Barracks, Dublin, it will receive due attention.