When the Dáil adjourned, the Report Stage of this Bill was completed, but at my suggestion it was agreed to adjourn the Bill over the Recess so as to enable the organisations interested to examine it in the form it had then reached and to make any suggestions they wished. During the Recess I had the advantage of having conferences with the various organisations interested, and in particular with the Irish Creamery Managers' Association. The representatives of this Association made it quite clear that they are still of opinion that it would improve the Bill if provision for grading at the ports were added to it. At the same time they made it quite clear that they are prepared to work the Bill as it stands in co-operation with the Department of Agriculture, and see to it, so far as they could, that the effect of the operation and the administration of the Bill will be to improve the general standard of our dairy produce. I am very glad to have it to say that these representatives met me very fairly and in a most helpful spirit, and as a result of their attitude and goodwill, of which I am now assured, I believe the effect of the operations of the Bill will be what we all desire, namely, an improvement of the general standard of our milk products. The motion before the Dáil is that the Bill be received for final consideration, but in view of the fact that I wish to ask the Dáil to insert certain amendments, I will defer saying anything further until then.

I move that the Bill be recommitted to the Dáil in respect of Sections 3, 4, 5, 16, 18, 26, 30, and 32.

Question put and agreed to.