asked the Minister for Justice whether he has given authority to the General Prisons Board to prevent a prison officer acting as agent for the "Prison Officers' Magazine" at Cork Prison; and whether he is aware that this magazine has circulated in all Irish prisons, and in the prisons of England, Wales and Scotland, and many of the Dominions for nearly 20 years.

On the 5th ultimo the Governor of Cork Prison reported to the General Prisons Board that a written order issued by him to the staff of that prison had been communicated to some member of the public contrary to the prison regulations and had been published in a magazine called the "Prison Officers' Magazine." All the officers on the prison staff denied responsibility for the publication of the order referred to. In accordance with the instructions of the Board the officer who was known to act as agent for the sale and distribution of this magazine was asked by the Governor to state whether he desired to continue to act as agent for the circulation in public print of confidential orders connected with the government of the prison. He replied that he did not desire to do so, and he subsequently informed the Governor that he had ceased to act as agent for the magazine in question. I fully approve of the action taken by the General Prisons Board in this matter.