asked the Minister for Local Government and Public Health whether he is prepared favourably to consider the application of the Donegal County Council for a grant to enable it to complete the road at Shankey on the main route from Rathmullen to Portsalon, and to expedite the work in order that it may be done before winter sets in.

This matter is at present under investigation locally.

asked the Minister for Lands and Fisheries whether any decision has been reached regarding the construction of a new road from the main road (Letterkenny to Dunfanaghy) at Fawans to the main road at Currin; and whether, in view of the poverty of the district and of the benefit to be derived by a large number of occupiers in the adjoining townlands, he is now prepared to assent to the petition lodged with the Land Commission towards the end of 1927.

I should be obliged if the Deputy would kindly repeat his question this day week, when I hope to have the necessary information.