asked the Minister for Justice whether he will cause to be circulated among Deputies a list of books, newspapers, and periodicals the importation and sale of which has been prohibited by his Department since the inception of the Saorstát.

The Revenue Commissioners and the Post Office have both the power and the duty to prevent the importation of indecent or obscene books or publications, and I understand that a list has been compiled from time to time for the guidance of Customs officers and Postal officials. I have asked for a copy of these lists, and I will send them in due course to the Deputy. In certain circumstances, the Minister for Justice has also power by Order to prohibit the importation of indecent or obscene books or publications. This Order is issued to the Post Office. I will send the Deputy a list of the various publications which have been prohibited in this way. There is no power to prohibit the sale of indecent books or publications under the existing law. The remedy there is to prosecute.