asked the Minister for Defence whether any officers of the Saorstát Army are at present attending the Imperial Defence College, Buckingham Gate, London, studying the problems of strategy involved in the defence of the British Empire, and, if so, whether he will state the number, ranks, and units of such officers, and whether, as a result, the Saorstát will be committed to participation in the defence of the Empire in time of war.

Is the Minister aware that a report appeared in a very influential Sunday newspaper — its political correspondent is well informed— to the effect that at this college, set up by the Imperial Conference, at which the Saorstát was represented, officers from the armies of all the Dominions were present, and will he take steps to contradict that in view of the misleading impression which it would convey?

I do not have leisure for the reading of these papers.

Has the Minister any information as to whether any citizens of the Saorstát are officers in the army of the Union of Soviet Republics, and, if so, has he any knowledge as to their activities?

That is a separate question.