Public Business. - Poor Relief (Dublin) Bill, 1929—First Stage.

I ask leave to introduce a "Bill entitled an Act to extend the powers of Boards of Guardians of Unions in the County and County Borough of Dublin for the relief of destitute poor persons out of the workhouses of such Unions."

I ask the House to accept this Bill in substitution for No. 11 on the Order Paper, the Bill sent down from the Seanad.

Leave granted to introduce the Bill.
Bill read a First Time.

I should like to take the Second Stage on Friday.

I suggest that the time might be extended somewhat. There would be little time between this and Friday for consideration of such an important measure.

I am perfectly open in the matter. I think it might be useful to get the Second Stage on Friday. If Deputies do not want to take it then, it can be left over. If Deputies make up their minds in the meanwhile that they would not take the Second Stage on Friday, it can be postponed, but I think Deputies might be able to agree that the Second Stage should be taken on Friday and that the Committee Stage might be postponed, if it was desirable. However, I agree that the Second Stage is the important stage in this Bill, and if further postponement is desired, I would not press for Friday.

I suggest that the Second Reading might be taken, this day fortnight. That would give us fourteen days for consideration.

I would not be prepared to agree to that. If this Bill is to serve the purpose it is intended to serve and if it is to be passed then the sooner it is passed the better.

I suggest to the Minister that it is desirable that we ought to have time to consult the various local authorities in our constituencies. If the Minister would consent to take the Second Reading this day week that would give time for such consultation as is necessary. Between this and Friday would not give an opportunity for such consultation.

I understood that there had been a conference already with the Dublin County Council and that the Bill is the result of that conference.

The Bill is in certain matters in conflict with the County Council, at any rate to some extent. Let us take the Second Stage, say, on Wednesday.

Second Stage ordered to be taken on Wednesday, 30th October.