Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Classification of Dublin Residents.

asked the Minister for Industry and Commerce to state the number, based on the 1926 Census, of persons of 20 years and upwards resident in Dublin and the four adjoining urban districts who were born in the Saorstát elsewhere than in the county of residence, in each of the following occupational classes or sub-classes, viz.:—(1) Producers, i.e., all industrial occupations except agriculture, fishing and Mining; (2) Transport: water transport workers, including dock labourers; (3) Shopkeepers and managers of wholesale and retail businesses; (7) Public administration and defence; (5) Professional occupations (excluding clerical staff); (6) Clerks and draughtsmen and all typists, and (7) General and undefined labourers.

Mr. Hogan

Statistics of persons classified by both occupations and places of birth have not been compiled except for the Saorstát as a whole.

The manner in which the Census was compiled enabled statistics to be obtained at small expense for many combinations taking the country as a whole, which could only have been obtained for smaller areas at excessive cost.

How did the Minister for Local Government get the figures that he quoted on the Poor Relief Bill?

Would it not be possible for the Minister to get these figures for Blackrock, Dun Laoghaire, Pembroke, Rathmines and other areas, out of the Census returns in his Department.

Mr. Hogan

The same necessity would arise in connection with other small areas, and if statistics were to be compiled for small areas all over the country the cost would be excessive.

I submit that this is an exceptional case, and inasmuch as it has a direct bearing on the Bill before the House, the figures should be given.

Mr. Hogan

Every case is exceptional.

Would the Minister leave out Blackrock and Dun Laoghaire, as they are not included in the Bill?

Is it not a fact that this information is already available, and only requires to be taken out of the documents already compiled?

Where did the City Commissioners get their information on which to base an estimate of £250,000 per annum?

Mr. Hogan

I cannot answer for the City Commissioners.