Public Business. - Local Government (Dublin) Bill, 1929—First Stage.

I move for leave to introduce this Bill. I ask that a slight alteration be made in the Title as it appears upon the Order Paper. The Title should read:—

Bill entitled an Act to extend the area of the city of Dublin by including therein the Urban District of Pembroke, the Urban District of Rathmines and Rathgar and certain rural areas, to establish a new borough comprising the Urban Districts of Blackrock, Dun Laoghaire, Dalkey, and Killiney and Ballybrack, to regulate and amend the local government of the city of Dublin as so extended and the local government of the county of Dublin, to establish and regulate the local government of the said new borough, and to make provision for divers matters connected with or incidental to the several matters aforesaid.

I agree with the amendment, but I want to ask for a ruling on a point of order. In the Title of the Bill as now introduced there are the words "to establish a new borough comprising the urban districts of Blackrock, Dun Laoghaire, Dalkey, Killiney and Ballybrack." I want to know whether that would shut out any amendment to extend the boundaries of the new borough by the inclusion of certain rural areas. Would that under this Title be inadmissible? I apologise for not having given notice, but it only came to my notice recently.

The scope of the Bill will be determined by what is in the Bill, not by what is in the Title. The actual words of the Title, therefore, will not in fact exclude any particular amendment, but I am not able to rule whether an amendment would or would not be in order until I have considered the Bill and the amendment. I am afraid I could not give any assistance to the Deputy on that.

I apologise for putting a hypothetical case, but this is a definite case. I should like to ask the Minister if he will postpone the First Reading until to-morrow and consider adding the words "certain rural areas in Ballybrack," or if an amendment to that Title in that manner would be in order at a later stage.

There is no use in asking the Minister's opinion about a matter of order.

The latter part of the question is addressed to you, sir.

I should like to say that my attitude in the matter of the new borough is, that until the new borough is consolidated under a new scheme of government I do not want to suggest the adding of any rural areas. It is proposed that the Bill will contain machinery by which the new borough can take in rural areas after they have fully considered it. I have personally given a good deal of consideration as to whether the rural areas ought to be brought into the borough in the Bill, and I would prefer the new Council to consider that problem. If they consider that there are rural areas that ought to be brought in, there will be machinery provided by which they can be brought in without very much cost or delay.

Do I understand from the Minister that the borough will not have to bear the expense of promoting a private Bill in order to include additional areas?

Leave granted.
Bill read a First Time; Second Stage to be taken on 12th February, 1930.

Can the Minister say when the Bill will be circulated? Shall we have it for a Christmas present?

The Deputy can expect it as a kind of New Year present.