Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Dublin Electricity Undertaking Employees.

asked the Minister for Industry and Commerce if he is aware that due to the acquisition of the Dublin Electricity undertaking by the Electricity Supply Board, sixty-four men have been thrown out of work and have been idle for the past nine weeks; and if he is further aware that some of these men have as high as thirty years' service, and if he will state when amending legislation is to be introduced to cover their pension rights, that such legislation will protect these men as from the date of their dismissal.

I would refer the Deputy to a similar question on the 26th March and to my reply on that occasion to which I have now nothing to add.

Is the Minister aware that numbers of these persons who are unemployed are married men with families? Because of the fact that they were not in an occupation which would be termed an insurable occupation, they are not in a position to draw unemployment insurance benefit. Will the Minister give some assurance that steps will be taken in the immediate future to get them out of their difficulty?

All these points were put before me by the Deputy on the previous occasion to which I have already referred him, and there is nothing new to be said.

On that particular day, the Minister promised that legislation would be introduced within three weeks. That period has since elapsed and nothing has been done.

No; the three weeks have not elapsed.

The Recess will begin to-morrow and more than three weeks will have elapsed before any legislation can be introduced. I am very much concerned with getting something done for those people.

When I answered the Deputy on a previous occasion, I mentioned that legislation would be introduced. That is the only assurance I can give.

When will that legislation be introduced?

I cannot say any more than I said to the Deputy on a previous occasion.