Trade Loans (Guarantee) (Amendment) Bill, 1930.—Second Stage.

I move, "That this Bill be read a second time." The Bill is merely to extend the date for another year. There are a certain number of applications which seem to be pending. I can only put it that way because all I know about the inquiries that are being made in regard to certain types of industrial effort is that they seem to be centring on the Trade Loans Act. In addition, there have been a certain number of applications which have been brought up and refused by the Advisory Committee, but which are now being reconstructed, and in that form will have to be given a chance of being considered by that Committee. There is outstanding also another item of such magnitude that ordinarily it would not be a matter for a trade loan guarantee, but I would like the Committee to give their point of view on the proposal, which might have to be dealt with in another way than by a trade loan guarantee. For these reasons I want the Bill to be in operation for another year.

We quite agree that if there is any application at all which, in the opinion of the Minister, needs to be considered, the time should be extended for doing so. The last time that a similar Bill was before us I thought it looked as if the Act was going to prove a dead letter. What the Minister has now said, however, gives a little hope that the Act may still be of further service. If it is to be of further service, and if there be applications, as the Minister says, that are being considered, and which may prove hereafter to be profitable, so far as industrial effort is concerned, we are glad, and if the prolongation of the life of the measure would help in any way to improve industrial effort, we think that its prolongation is worthy of consideration, and should certainly receive the approval of the House.

Question put and agreed to.

I would ask the indulgence of the House to take the Committee and Final Stages now. No amendments have been proposed to this measure for years. I do not see any possibility of amendments coming forward, but if any are now proposed I would be willing to postpone the further Stages of the Bill until next week. If there are no amendments, however, I would like to take the Final Stages now.