Public Business. - Apprenticeship Bill, 1930—Money Resolution.

The Dáil went into Committee on Finance.

I move:

That there shall be paid out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas any expenses that may be incurred in carrying into effect any Act of the present Session to make better provision for the regulation of apprenticeship in certain trades.

Has this money been already voted? I do not think this Resolution is in the usual form. It says "out of moneys provided," not out of money to be provided. Has it been voted already?

"Provided" only refers to expenses that may be incurred at that time.

I compared this with a similar resolution passed in connection with the Town Tenants Bill, and the phrase was "paid out of moneys to be provided." In this case it is "out of moneys provided." Is there any significance in that difference?

I do not see any myself.

Question put and agreed to. Resolution ordered to be reported.
The Dáil went out of Committee. Resolution reported and agreed to.