Private Notice Question— - Setting up of a Tribunal.

I have got a private notice question from Deputy Mulcahy.

I just want to ask if the President can say when he expects to be able to discuss the setting up of a tribunal to investigate the charge made against me in the House last night.

The moment I have an opportunity of consulting with the Attorney-General. When the House meets again on Wednesday next the proposal with regard to the inquiry will be put before the House. I want to say, however, with regard to the statement made by the Deputy now, that I did not prefer a charge.

I made a statement and I gave an opportunity to the Deputy to deny it or otherwise. I made no charge. I stated that information was received.

Does the President consider that I denied it?

Well, then, I would ask the President to join with me in protesting to the people who are running his Press against this statement: "Mr. Mulcahy, while not at the moment denying the statement (he issued a denial after the House rose) demanded the immediate setting up of a tribunal to inquire into the report." I would ask the President, while waiting for the setting up of the tribunal, to endeavour to avoid that. I would also urge on him, whatever he may say about the charge, the necessity of allowing me the earliest possible opportunity of facing this 1933 Pigott and his paymaster.

And his paymasters.

It is only fair to the Deputy that that should be done at the earliest possible opportunity.

And Pigott will be produced?