In Committee on Finance. - Vote 28—Universities and Colleges.

I move:—

Go ndeontar suim Bhreise ná raghaidh thar £2,338 chun íoctha an Mhuirir a thiocfaidh chun bheith iníoctha i rith na bliana dar críoch an 31adh Márta, 1934, chun Deontaisí fen Irish Universities Act, 1908, fén Acht Talmhan, 1923, fen Acht um Oideachas Phríomh-Scoile (Talmhaíocht agus Eolaíocht Déiríochta), 1926, agus fé Acht Choláiste Phríomh-Scoile na Gaillimhe, 1929 (8 Edw. 7, c. 38; Uimh. 42 de 1923; Uimh. 32 de 1926; agus Uimh. 35 de 1929).

That a Supplementary sum not exceeding £2,338 be granted to defray the Charge which will come in course of payment during the year ending 31st March, 1934, for Grants under the Irish Universities Act, 1908, the Land Act, 1923, the University Education (Agriculture and Dairy Science) Act, 1926, and the University College Galway Act, 1929 (8 Edw. 7 c. 38, No. 42 of 1923; No. 32 of 1926; and No. 35 of 1929).

Pending the introduction of a special Bill to implement the undertaking given to the authorities of University College, Dublin, on behalf of the Executive Council in 1931, and subsequently confirmed by the present Government, the purpose of this Supplementary Estimate is to enable recoupment to be made to the University College of the extra outlay incurred by the college in 1931-32 and 1932-33 by reason of the expansion which has already taken place in the Department of Modern Irish Language and Literature. The total sum of £2,338 consists of two sums of £625 in respect of the year 1932-33 and a sum of £1,713 in respect of the year 1933-34. As already indicated, this is a temporary provision made to cover these two years. It is hoped to introduce a Bill shortly which will give statutory effect to the undertaking to which I have already referred.

I want to know, in reference to the agreement which has been referred to, if the sums now being voted do implement the agreement in full?

I have no reason to think, or I have had no representations from the University authorities, that they do not.

I see that it has been divided into two parts, £625 for some portion of the year 1932-33 and £1,713 for the full year 1933-34. Am I correct in that?

I am assuming that previously we had voted a sum which would bring that £625 up to the £1,700 mark?

No. I think the Deputy is incorrect in that assumption.

So that the only sum given to University College, Dublin, is £625 in respect of the year 1932-33 and the sum for the full year is £1,713?

For this year.

And the Minister thinks that is a full implementation of the promise made in October, 1931?

I have said nothing of the sort. The full implementation will be made clear when the Bill is introduced shortly.

Will the Implementation Bill provide for the £1,713 to be given to the University in a full year?

As a matter of fact it will provide something more than that.

Does this sum meet your full commitments?

We have met our full commitments under the undertaking given.

Not under the undertaking of October, 1931, but possibly under some undertaking of the Minister.

It is the foundation of the Bill.

Would the Minister tell us just what was the agreement that was made in October, 1931?

I shall tell the Deputy that when the Bill is introduced.

Why not now?

I do not think it is relevant.

The Minister himself said that this Estimate is carrying out the promise made in 1931. He introduced it in that way. Surely the details of the promise of 1931 are relevant, having been introduced by the Minister as relevant? At any rate we can let it go that University College, Dublin, is not getting the full amount to which it was entitled but that it is going to be granted under the Bill which is promised. If the Bill is an implementation of the promise, then how far does this fall short of the promise?

It does not fall short.

May I put the question in this form; does the Minister think that the authorities of University College, Dublin, are bound to say that since October, 1931, or even let me say since the financial year, 1932-33, that they have received or will receive the amount of money promised to them? That is a net question.

I have already indicated that we have fulfilled all our commitments under the undertaking I have referred to. We have not received any representations from the College authorities that we have not so fulfilled them.

I am not worrying about representations. Obviously when people are having their salaries cut and the whole prestige of the College is being lowered in a particular way, is not the time to raise a question about fulfilling this promise. I take it from the Minister's own statement now that it is clear that the promise of 1931 is not being met in respect of the amount of money promised.

Question put and agreed to.