Financial Resolution No. 20—Customs.

I move:—

(1) That there shall be charged, levied, and paid on all wheat imported into Saorstát Eireann on or after the 16th day of May, 1935, a duty of customs at the rate of sixpence per hundredweight.

(2) It is hereby declared that it is expedient in the public interest that this Resolution shall have statutory effect under the provisions of the Provisional Collection of Taxes Act, 1927 (No. 7 of 1927).

This is the Resolution which imposes an import duty of 6d. per cwt. on wheat.

This is a duty on wheat, and it is only fair to point out that at the present time the people are being charged 36/- a sack for bakers' flour. The same flour, after the levy is paid on it, is obtainable in Belfast and Liverpool at 27/-. It means that the consumers of bread in this country are paying £1,350,000 a year in order to finance the wheat scheme of this Government. I think it is right, when we are going to add a further tax on bread, that the people should realise that over and above the 5/- they pay on imported wheat they are paying £1,350,000 per annum on their bread already in taxes to the Fianna Fáil Government.

The Deputy is, as usual, misinformed as to the facts and in error in his calculations.

The Deputy is neither misinformed nor in error.

It is the most stupid statement made in this House to-day.

And that is saying a lot.

Is it not time the agricultural community got some of the benefit of the tariffs?

They are not getting them.

Then who is getting the benefit of them? Is it not increasing the market for the agricultural product?

Deputy Dillon says that is impossible.

Tell the farmers what they have.

It would be easier to tell them what they have not.

It would be easier.

Resolution put.
The Committee divided: Tá, 55; Níl, 40.

  • Aiken, Frank.
  • Bartley, Gerald.
  • Blaney, Neal.
  • Boland, Gerald.
  • Boland, Patrick.
  • Brady, Brian.
  • Breen, Daniel.
  • Briscoe, Robert.
  • Clery, Micheál.
  • Concannon, Helena.
  • Corish, Richard.
  • Corkery, Daniel.
  • Corry, Martin John.
  • Crowley, Fred. Hugh.
  • Crowley, Timothy.
  • Daly, Denis.
  • Davin, William.
  • Derrig, Thomas.
  • De Valera, Eamon.
  • Donnelly, Eamon.
  • Dowdall, Thomas P.
  • Flinn, Hugo. V.
  • Flynn, Stephen.
  • Fogarty, Andrew.
  • Gibbons, Seán.
  • Goulding, John.
  • Hales, Thomas.
  • Harris, Thomas.
  • Kehoe, Patrick.
  • Kelly, James Patrick.
  • Kelly, Thomas.
  • Keyes, Michael.
  • Killilea, Mark.
  • Kissane, Eamonn.
  • Lemass, Seán F.
  • Little, Patrick John.
  • MacEntee, Seán.
  • Maguire, Ben.
  • Maguire, Conor Alexander.
  • Moane, Edward.
  • Murphy, Timothy Joseph.
  • O'Briain, Donnchadh.
  • O Ceallaigh, Seán T.
  • O'Grady, Seán.
  • O'Reilly, Matthew.
  • Pattison, James P.
  • Pearse, Margaret Mary.
  • Rice, Edward.
  • Ruttledge, Patrick Joseph.
  • Ryan, James.
  • Ryan, Martin.
  • Sheridan, Michael.
  • Smith, Patrick.
  • Traynor, Oscar.
  • Victory, James.


  • Alton, Ernest Henry.
  • Anthony, Richard.
  • Beckett, James Walter.
  • Bennett, George Cecil.
  • Brennan, Michael.
  • Byrne, Alfred.
  • Costello, John Aloysius.
  • Curran, Richard.
  • Desmond, William.
  • Dillon, James M.
  • Dolan, James Nicholas.
  • Doyle, Peadar S.
  • Fagan, Charles.
  • Finlay, John.
  • Fitzgerald, Desmond.
  • Good, John.
  • Holohan, Richard.
  • Keating, John.
  • Lynch, Finian.
  • MacDermot, Frank.
  • MacEoin, Seán.
  • McFadden, Michael Og.
  • McGilligan, Patrick.
  • McGovern, Patrick.
  • McGuire, James Ivan.
  • Morrisroe, James.
  • Morrissey, Daniel.
  • Mulcahy, Richard.
  • Murphy, James Edward.
  • O'Higgins, Thomas Francis.
  • O'Leary, Daniel.
  • O'Neill, Eamonn.
  • O'Sullivan, Gearóid.
  • O'Sullivan, John Marcus.
  • Redmond, Bridget Mary.
  • Reidy, James.
  • Rice, Vincent.
  • Roddy, Martin.
  • Rowlette, Robert James.
  • Wall, Nicholas.
Tellers:—Tá: Deputies Little and Smith; Níl: Deputies Doyle and Bennett.
Resolution declared carried.