Suspension of Member.

I move:

That Deputy McQuillan be suspended from the service of the House.

Surely, it is the normal thing for the Taoiseach to move the motion when the Taoiseach is present in the House?

The motion is moved anyhow.

On a point of order. Procedure is important. Is it not for the Leader of the House to move the motion?

Anybody can move it.

I do not think so.

Any Minister can move it.

Surely not. It is a matter of procedure. It is a matter for the House.

If there is any question about it, I have no hesitation whatever in moving that Deputy McQuillan be suspended from the service of the House.

And it is not necessary for the Leader of the House to move the motion.

The Tánaiste should withdraw his motion first.

Question put and declared carried.

Deputy McQuillan will please leave the House.

Sir, if at this stage——

I suggest the Deputy should not be allowed to speak.

Deputy McQuillan has been suspended by resolution of the House. He is not in order in making any further statement. He will please leave the House.

But, Sir——

If the Deputy refuses to leave the House, I shall have no alternative——

I do refuse.

The Chair has no alternative but to call on the Captain of the Guard.

I refuse to leave the House.


It might be better for the Deputy to go.

The Captain of the Guard having informed the Chair that Deputy McQuillan refused to leave the House,

Of course, this is all a planned act.

Sir, I object to that statement by Deputy O'Malley.

There can be no statement and no further debate.

On a point of order——

No point of order may be raised now.

The Deputy is always trying to slander other people. He objects when he gets a crack himself.

The Deputy is only trying to get information from the Taoiseach.

Because of the state of grave disorder in the House I am now suspending the sitting for half-an-hour.

Sitting suspended at 3.15 p.m. and resumed at 3.40 p.m.