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asked the Minister for Finance if he will give details of the number of people in each of the following income brackets: (a) £800, (b) £1,000, (c) £2,000, (d) £3,000, (e) £4,000 and (f) £5,000 per annum.

The statistics relating to income taxation are not compiled in such a manner as would enable information to be furnished in regard to the lower income brackets mentioned in the question.

However, the following information in regard to sur-tax payers is contained in Table 76 on page 156 of the report of the Revenue Commissioners for the year ended 31 March, 1967.

CLASSIFICATION of Sur-tax payers by range of total income assessed for 1966-67 (adjusted as at 31st August, 1967)

Range of total income

Number of persons







The above statistics are based on total income as defined for sur-tax purposes and so do not (for example) include persons whose total income exceeds £2,500 but who, because of personal allowances, are not liable to sur-tax.