Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - County Donegal River Drainage.


asked the Minister for Finance if it is proposed to drain the Termon River near Pettigo, County Donegal; and, if so, when.

There are no proposals at present for the drainage of the Termon River.

Could the Parliamentary Secretary take up this matter with the Northern Government, if I may use that expression, because this is a scheme which could be promoted by both Governments and it would do considerable good to fertile land which could be developed if the Termon River were drained? Would the Parliamentary Secretary agree to take up the matter with his counterpart in the Northern Government to see if a joint scheme could be promoted?

Actually, this matter was taken up with the Northern Government in 1954 and they indicated to us that the bulk of the area that would benefit from such a scheme was in the 26 Countries and, therefore, if anything was to be done it should be initiated by the Office of Public Works. Subsequently it was decided that we might be able to deal with this river in connection with the Erne catchment scheme but, unfortunately, it is a long way removed and has to be treated as a seperate scheme. Only 100 odd acres could benefit and it would be a most uneconomic scheme. I do not think that we could consider taking it on at this stage.

Is the Parliamentary Secretary aware that a sewerage scheme in Pettigo has been promoted by the joint efforts of the two Governments? The pipes for the scheme will be laid on the bed of the river which will necessitate clearing at least a portion of the river and when that is done it might be possible to proceed with the drainage of the entire river. Will the Parliamentary Secretary look into that aspect?

I will look into it but I would say that from what we have done already it is not very promising.