Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Employment of Young People.


andMr. Kitt asked the Minister for Labour if there were any prosecutions taken in regard to violations of the law relating to the employment of young people; and, if so, if he will give particulars.

Prosecutions have been taken under the Conditions of Employment Act, 1936, and the Shops (Conditions of Employment) Act, 1938, in respect of the employment of young people at night.

Recent prosecutions under the 1936 Act related to the employment of juveniles in bakeries. Those under the 1938 Act related to the employment of juveniles in restaurants.

Can the Minister say whether any prosecutions have been taken under the most recent legislation, that is, the legislation dealing with the employment of young persons?

That Bill has not been passed yet.

I recall the House passing it.

It has yet to go through the Seanad.

Can the Minister give any reason for this Bill remaining with the Seanad for the past year?

This is a separate question.

It relates to the employment of young people. Can the Minister say when he expects to have the Bill back in the Dáil from the Seanad?

I cannot give a reliable date but the Bill will be completed as soon as possible.

Question No. 5.

The intention was to have it implemented before last summer's holiday period but it looks now as if we will not have it before this year's recess.

The Deputy is moving away from the subject matter of the question.