Written Answers. - Regional Technical College Selection Boards.


asked the Minister for Education the reasons why principals of regional technical colleges are not exofficio members of the teacher's selection boards as proposed under the recent increase in the composition of the members of boards of management of regional technical colleges, if he considers that the principal of a college is the person best qualified to be on such an interview board and if he will make a comprehensive statement on the matter.

My view is that selection boards should not be too large and I consider that the total number of members of the board of management of a regional technical college nominated for the purpose of a selection board for teaching appointments, other than an appointment to the post of principal, should not exceed five. I indicated this view to the president of the Irish Vocational Education Association in a letter of 11 October 1979.

I would see the selection board consisting of the chief executive officer of the "parent" committee, three other members of the board of management, at least one of whom would be a member of the VEC, and my own nominee. It appears to me to be more appropriate, and indeed advantageous, that the principal of the college should be present at a meeting of a selection board as a nonvoting adviser, rather than as a full member of the board.