Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Department of Education Advertisement.

asked the Minister for Education the reason why his name appeared in two full-page advertisements issued by his Department in two Sunday newspapers on 10 February 1980 (details supplied) and the cost to the taxpayer of the advertisements concerned.

My name appeared in the advertisements inserted by my Department in three Sunday newspapers on 10 February last in my capacity as Minister for Education. The purpose of the advertisements was to alert students to the opportunities available to them in the technological area. The approximate cost of the advertisements is £10,850.

Will the Minister say why he does not consider the services provided for the schools by guidance teachers adequate to supply the information contained in the advertisement?

The main reason is that the Government's policy to expand industry has been so successful that we have to look for people in the technological area to fill jobs requiring this type of expertise.

When the Minister for Finance did not see fit to put his name on the PAYE advertisement why had the Minister for Education to put his name on the advertisement for the Department of Education?

That is hardly a question.

I asked the Minister why his name appeared on the advertisement and the Minister has not answered that part of the question. Is it because he was afraid people do not know who the Minister for Education is?

He did not put his photograph on it like some of our predecessors.

Would the Minister answer the question—why did he consider it necessary to put his name on it?

The Minister is too modest to reply.

He is ducking it.

The Minister does not duck anything.

Uncharacteristic silence.