Written Answers. - Turf Production Industry Stoppages.


asked the Minister for Labour the approximate number of man-days lost in the turf production industry as a result of (a) official stoppages in the following instances: (i) stoppages due to disputes affecting promotion to higher paid positions in the non-craft sector; (ii) other stoppages in the non-craft area; and (iii) stoppages in the craft sector having regard to clause 12 of the National Understanding.

The Central Statistics Office is the official source of statistics in relation to industrial disputes but figures are not yet available from that office in regard to industrial disputes occurring since the coming into operation of the 1980 National Understanding. The Department of Labour understands, however, that there have been two strikes in Bord na Móna in the period in question. Both strikes involved non-craft workers and arose from the same dispute in relation to promotion to the post of supervisor. The first strike was unofficial and resulted in the loss of approximately 150 days. The second strike which is official is still continuing and has resulted to date in the loss of approximately 500 days.