Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - County Cork Roadside Traders.


asked the Minister for Justice the action he proposes to take to deal with the traffic problems caused by roadside traders, which has become a serious issue in parts of County Cork.

I am informed by the Garda authorities that, as roadside traders in County Cork operate mainly in lay-bys and on disused roads, traffic problems seldom arise. I am further informed that where traffic problems do arise remedial action is taken by the Garda.

Is the Minister aware that there is much concern about this type of trading? What responsibility has his Department in enforcing the new regulations regarding roadside trading? Is he aware that some of the goods sold by these people are of dubious origin?

The Deputy's question was concerned with traffic problems caused by roadside trading. If such problems arise, the Garda are satisfied that they can take whatever remedial action is necessary.

Is the Minister aware that a considerable amount of these goods are of doubtful origin, as has been pointed out by Deputy Cogan? Is he further aware that the Garda appear to be absolutely helpless to apprehend these people following the damage they do and the traffic hazards which are caused by their activities?

That is a separate question.

It is very relevant to the original question.

It is entirely a separate question. If Deputy Creed wishes to raise this matter he should put down a question.

The Minister must be aware of the problem which exists as a result of this type of illegal trading.

The Deputy should know enough about the procedure of this House to put down his own question on this aspect, which does not come within the scope of Deputy Cogan's question.

Deputy Cogan's question deals with traders and my question arises because of the totally inadequate answer by the Minister.

Deputy Cogan's question deals with traffic problems created by these traders. If Deputy Creed wishes to open up a wide discussion there is a way for him to do so.

I am calling the next question.

The Minister is very defensive today.

The Minister sees himself in the home straight and is visibly relaxing.