Order of Business.

It is proposed to take No. 7 (resumed). Private Members' Business will be taken from 7 p.m. to 8.30 p.m., No. 17 (resumed).

I wish to raise a point of order. I have been attempting to raise with the Minister for Justice the question of an investigation into the activities of the Moonies in the light of recent disclosures about their activities in the United Kingdom. Fianna Fáil might consider this to be a big joke but their amusement shows their lack of concern for young people. My Dáil question has been disallowed on the grounds that it contains personal imputations——

I am sorry, Deputy, but I cannot allow a discussion on this matter.

I am not seeking a discussion. I am raising a point of order.

The Deputy is raising a question which was disallowed and that is not in order on the Order of Business.

I want to raise a point of order because I have made inquiries in the General Office and arising out of my——

This is totally out of order.

How do I raise a question on a point of order? I am told in the General Office that there is no way——

I am sorry, Deputy. I am calling Item No. 7.

I know you are sorry, but how can I raise——

The Deputy will please resume his seat.

How can I raise a point of order in this House——

I have told the Deputy he is out of order. Will he please resume his seat?

How can I raise a point or order when I am ruled out of order——


This House is being muzzled. As Opposition spokesman in this area I am not permitted to raise this issue——

Deputy E. Collins on a point of order.

Is the Chair refusing to answer my question? I raised a point of order. I have been told I cannot raise the matter because it contains personal imputations against these people called the Moonies.

I have explained to the Deputy that I ruled the question out of order. It is disorderly to raise it on the Order of Business but if the Deputy wishes to consult me or my office about the matter, he can do so.

There is a defect in our procedure and if this is the case I suggest——

This is not the place to discuss defects in procedure.

——this question be referred to the Committee on Procedure and Privileges.

That is a matter for the Deputy. Deputy E. Collins on a point of order.

I am making this suggestion. Do you accept it?

The Deputy should not raise that matter here.

This House is being muzzled——

The House is not being muzzled.

This is a serious matter and it is very wrong that we are not entitled to raise this serious matter in this House, particularly in the light of the response from the Government and their obvious amusement——

Deputy E. Collins on a point of order.

I would like to raise two matters on the Order of Business. In a recent Adjournment Debate the Minister for Education gave me to understand that the dispute in the colleges of technology attached to the Dublin VEC would soon be resolved. It has not been resolved and I wish to raise on the Adjournment the continuing dispute and the Minister's failure to ensure the resolution of that dispute so that examinations may be taken.

I will communicate with the Deputy.

I wish to raise on the Adjournment the assertion by the Chairman of the Stardust disaster relatives committee that his committee did not seek, and do not want, the subject matter of their discussions with the Taoiseach kept secret and, consequently, that the Taoiseach misled the Dáil several times on Wednesday.

I will communicate with the Deputy.

Is the Minister prepared to give time to a discussion on Item No. 4, the Criminal Justice Bill, 1981?

Is the Deputy moving this Bill?