Léim ar aghaidh chuig an bpríomhábhar

Dáil Éireann díospóireacht -
Thursday, 21 Mar 1985

Vol. 357 No. 2

Business of Dáil.

I had sought the permission of the Chair to raise by way of Private Notice Question the present state of negotiations for the enlargement of the EC and the effect that such enlargement would have on the Irish fishing industry.

The Deputy's question was not in order for private notice and my secretary conveyed the reasons to the Deputy. I am sorry, I cannot allow any discussion on it.

I am not sure if the Chair is aware of the fact that there have been developments since——

——the question was raised yesterday and it has now come to our notice that——

I am sorry, Deputy, I am not going to allow an impromptu quesation time nor will I allow a post mortem on why this question is not allowed. If the Deputy wishes he can come to my office and he can discuss it with me there.

The issue is now very serious and there has been widespread agreement——

I am sorry, Deputy.

——in the Community that this issue should be resolved.


I am calling Item No.9.

Could we get some indication at this stage?

I am sorry, Deputy, no, and there is nothing I can do for you at this stage here.

Does the Chair appreciate the urgency of the matter now and the fact that many fishermen are seriously worried about the situation?

This question was raised yesterday at length. A question was put in today. It was considered and ruled out of order according to the procedures of the House and the Deputy was so informed. I now call Deputy Máire Geoghegan-Quinn.

There were developments to the situation last night which have led us to believe that the matter is now of the gravest national importance.

I am sorry, Deputy, there is nothing I can do. The rules of the House do not permit me to do anything.

Considering that I have put my name to the question——

I will adjourn the House if I am obstructed.

I wonder what is more important, the obstruction of the House or the 13,000 jobs along the western seaboard. The circumstances have changed and the urgency of the matter makes it relevant here today.

There is nothing in Standing Orders which allows me to deal with this matter.

Does that mean that we cannot raise it for a number of months?

Any attempt to raise it in an orderly way will be considered. If it is in order it will be allowed and if not it will be ruled out.

We felt——

I do not care what you felt, Deputy.


Deputy Gallagher must resume his seat and remain seated.

Will the Chair advise me how we can raise this important matter?

I would advise you to look at Standing Orders.

The Chair is here representing 165 of us but we are representing 13,000 people——

If Deputy Gallagher does not resume his seat he must leave the House.

——in the industry and we now ask for an opportunity to raise it in the House.


The Ceann Comhairle could have used his discretion in this.

If Deputy Gallagher does not resume his seat he must leave the House.

As far as I am concerned the business of this House is no longer relevant to the fishermen I represent and the Chair does not need to ask me to leave the House, I will leave it in protest.

Thanks very much.

I sought to raise on the Adjournment the serious situation obtaining on the Aran Islands resulting in there not being a medical practitioner resident on the islands. That was refused on the basis that the Minister could not take responsibility. I seek to raise on the Adjournment now the possibility that the Minister for Health might have consultations with his colleague, the Minister for Defence, with a view to the provision of an emergency medical service by way of a helicopter facility until the situation on the island is resolved.

I am sorry Deputy I cannot take a request after 3.30 p.m.


I did not have an opportunity to raise it until now.

I cannot change Standing Orders, I am sorry. I am bound by Standing Orders the same as everybody else.