Order of Business.

It is proposed to take Nos. 7 and 5.

Nos. 7 and 5. Are the arrangements in respect of sittings and business — Item No. 7 — agreed? Agreed.

In view of the changes in spending on education announced last night outside the House, which will involve £6.5 million in 1988, will the Taoiseach now undertake to issue a revised Book of Estimates concerning this reduction in spending?

It does not arise now.

It certainly does arise now as a result of business in the Dáil the other evening and statements made——

It does not arise on the Order of Business.

Arising out of the announcement yesterday by the Minister for the Environment in respect of proposed changes in relation to legislation governing the building societies, when is it proposed to introduce such legislation in the House?

The legislation cannot be expected until some time in the next session, at the earliest.

Have the heads of the Bill been circulated?

(Limerick East): In respect of the intention of the Minister for the Environment to legislate to expand the role of building societies, do the Government envisage introducing one or two Bills? Will there be a separate Bill to deal with the role of the Central Bank?

There are two Bills, one dealing with the Central Bank and one dealing with building societies because, as the Deputy knows, the Central Bank will now have a role with the building societies.

(Limerick East): Will the Bills be introduced simultaneously?

Not necessarily; as near to each other as possible.

(Limerick East): Will they be brought into effect on the same day?

Not necessarily.

(Limerick East): Does the Taoiseach intend that building societies should operate outside the control of the Central Bank for a period?

The Deputy should wait until he sees the legislation.

(Limerick East): It looks like another stunt.


(Limerick East): The Taoiseach wanted an alternative line if the threat of an election did not work.


The Deputy's trouble is that he is not able to keep up with us.

(Limerick East): We do not have as many skating opportunities.


In my position as Chairman of the Committee of Public Accounts may I seek the indulgence of the Chair? The committee have not reported since 1979. The reports for 1980 and 1981 are ready but it came to our attention yesterday that it requires a one-sentence motion in the House to enable them to be laid before the House and circulated. Will the House consider taking such a motion this morning, which is purely to ensure that this all-party report can be circulated?

Can the Deputy's request be acceded to?

We will take it next Tuesday.

Could I ask the Taoiseach if it is the intention to publish legislation in regard to the enhanced functions of SFADCo relative to the IDA and Bord Fáilte and, if so, when?

No legislation has been promised.

Is it not necessary to amend the Tourist Traffic Acts and the legislation in relation to industrial development?

On the Order of Business, is it the Taoiseach's intention to circulate a Bill formally abolishing the National Social Service Board, having regard to the statutory establishment of that board and to the Government's announcement that the board are to be abolished?

The Deputy had better await developments.

Another U-turn.

This is a matter on which the Government made an announcement. This is a statutory body which cannot be abolished without introducing legislation. Do the Government intend to introduce legislation to abolish the National Social Service Board?

It is a matter that can be raised on an issue before the House.

It is promised legislation — or perhaps it is not.

It anticipates Private Members' Business.

The matter has been raised on the Estimates.

We may not argue about it this morning. The Deputy will have ample time to ventilate his views on Private Members' Business.

Has the Taoiseach changed his mind?

Deputy Shatter must now desist.