Written Answers. - Video Nasties.

Tony Gregory


84 Mr. Gregory asked the Minister for Justice if the gardaí have any evidence that snuff movies, depicting actual murders are sold in video shops in this country; if the video nasty, Driller Killers,is still sold in video shops in this country; and if there are any other matters of concern to her regarding video nasties.

The video film entitled "The Driller Killers" was prohibited by the Official Censor with effect from 13 July, 1993.

It is an offence for any person to supply or offer to supply or to have in his/her possession with intent to supply a video recording of a video work for which a prohibition order is in force and such offenders are liable to prosecution under the Video Recordings Act, 1989.

I am informed by the Garda authorities that, to date, gardaí have not discovered any snuff videos depicting actual murder in the course of searches of video outlets nationwide. Neither is there any evidence that such videos are being sold in video outlets.

The Garda authorities have also informed me that they have no evidence to suggest that the video film "The Driller Killers" is being sold in video outlets. If information to that effect were to become available, the necessary action would be taken immediately.

I share the concern of parents and others with regard to the content of "video nasties" but I believe that the provisions of the Video Recordings Act, 1989, represent an appropriate legal response. Since the commencement of the prohibition provisions in mid 1991 nearly 1,000 video works have been banned by the official censor and there has been a substantial number of prosecutions for the possession and/or supply of prohibited video works.