Business of Joint Committee

Apologies have been received from Deputy Seán Ardagh and Senator Maurice Cummins. I remind members and those in the public gallery that they should ensure mobile phones are switched off completely for the duration of the meeting because they cause interference, even on silent mode, with the recording equipment.

The minutes of the meeting of 24 August have been circulated. Are there any matters arising? No. The minutes are agreed.

There is correspondence from the Joint Committee on European Scrutiny about decisions made during its meeting on 21 September 2010. No proposals were referred to this committee and it is proposed the correspondence be noted. Is that agreed? Agreed.

I ask the committee to consider the possibility of a visit by delegates from the Turkish Cypriot Parliament, including the Speaker of the House and a number of Members of Parliament. They are members of the Council of Europe and perhaps they could address the committee during a visit at some stage between now and Christmas. I propose they be given the opportunity to make their case. I have been working with them in the Council of Europe to try to assist in movement on the Turkish and Greek Cypriot problem and would appreciate if the committee would consider the issue at a later stage. Unfortunately, I must now attend another meeting, but I appreciate the opportunity to raise this matter.

I would like to support Deputy Fahey. I am aware of the work he has done in this regard and many of us are involved in the work through the different committees on which we serve. I formally second his proposal and suggest that we should receive a submission prior to receiving the delegation if we agree to meet it.

I support the proposal, although I am a part-time resident in Cyprus on the Greek side. It would be useful also to hear the opinions of the Greek Cypriots, but perhaps at another stage. Anything that can help to resolve this difficult situation is welcome. The situation is improving.

We can consider this issue more fully later in our meeting. Is that agreed? Agreed.

I welcome Deputy Seán Barrett as a new member of this committee and look forward to working with him. He takes the place of Deputy Michael Noonan.