Business of Sub-Committee

I ask members to remain, as we have a number of items of correspondence to address. We will go through them quickly.

First, the committee has received a number of e-mails. One, dated 1 September 2010, was sent to the Chairman by Ms Moira Leydon of the Association of Secondary Teachers of Ireland, ASTI, requesting an opportunity to make a presentation to the sub-committee on the Irish Coalition for the Global Campaign for Education.

Second, an e-mail to the Chairman dated 13 October 2010 was sent by Mr. Ciaran Casey, principal development officer of Camara Education Limited, a network of non-profit social enterprises that specialise in the development of affordable technology solutions to schools. He inquires as to whether his group can appear before the sub-committee.

Third, an e-mail dated 16 December invites members to the final events of the European Development Co-operation, EDC, 2020 programme regarding the current opportunities and challenges for the EDC. Those events will be held in Brussels on 9 and 10 February.

With members' permission, we will meet the two groups at some point in February. Is that agreed? Agreed. The programme will be noted. If there is no other business, we will leave it to the clerk and the girls to arrange a date for the next meeting with those seeking meetings. Members will be advised of same. I thank everyone, as this was my first meeting.

The sub-committee adjourned at 12.55 p.m. sine die.