Tá rud le déanamh agam anois agus taithnigheann sé liom go mór. Is annamh a bheidh mise ag tabhairt cainnte uaim san áit seo, mar níl aon taithighe agam ar an obair. Ach, ó's rud é go bhfuil mé ag labhairt indiu in ao'chor, ní misde dom a rádh gur ceart dúinn an Seanad do dheunamh chó Gaedhealach a's is féidir linn. Is truagh liom ná fuil níos mó Gaedhilgheóirí sa t-Seanad, ach níl aon leigheas againn air sin go fóill. Ní theastuigheann Sasanacas uainn in aon tsaghas slighe, agus ní dóigh liom go dteastuigheann sé ó mhuinntir na h-Éireann ach an oiread, agus maidir liom féin, béad chó daingean na choinne as atá ionnam. Molaim Séamas O Dubhglás mar Leas-Chathaoirleach, agus cé nach bhfuil mórán Gaedhilge aige, ní dóigh liom go bhfuil aon duine níos oireamhnaighe le fághailt 'nár measg.

I suppose I must add in English, in case there is anyone here who does not understand me, that I am proposing Mr. James Douglas as Vice-Chairman of the Seanad.

I second that.

I presume that this is the same as for the election of Chairman, that the election is for one year?


I should point out, perhaps, Senator Moore, to you and to other members of the Seanad, that provision is made for that in the Constitution, by which, of course, we are bound. You will see that one of the first duties of the Seanad is to define the duties, the tenure, and so forth of its Chairman. If it is the wish that the proposition as regards Mr. Douglas shall be limited to one year I shall put the resolution in that form.

Question put: "That Mr. James Douglas be appointed Deputy Chairman of Seanad Eireann for the period of one year."

I feel great hesitancy and, may I sincerely say, humbleness in rising to thank you for conferring the honour on me which you have done to-day. After the speeches that were made as to competency I must confess frankly that I cannot claim competency; I can only claim willingness to learn and to endeavour to serve you. I do not know whether the duties of Vice-Chairman will be such as will enable me, with the amount of time I can rightly give, to serve for any great length of time, but subject to it being understood that it may be necessary for me to offer my resignation if I find I cannot do so, I am glad to accept the honour which you have conferred upon me. Ever since I could think of politics I have believed in and I have longed for and I have prayed for an independent self-governing Ireland. I believe in it still, and to be able to serve in such a position of importance in the first Seanad of Ireland is an honour of which I am very proud and which I value very much, and which I thank you greatly for having conferred upon me.