The next business on the Order Paper appears only in conformity with the requirements of the Standing Orders, by which any communication from the other House has to be communicated to this House at the earliest opportunity. This particular Bill was returned yesterday from the other House at a time when, I regret to say, both the Clerk and the Assistant Clerk of the Seanad were necessarily absent, owing to very severe illness, and the second Assistant Clerk thought, having regard to this provision in our Standing Orders, that it would be safer on the whole to insert it on the Paper for to-day. But in view of its grave nature, and the serious situation it has raised, I would strongly recommend the members of the House not to discuss it to-day. I think it would be desirable that they should thoroughly inform themselves of what occurred in this House when this amendment was inserted, because the facts and position do not seem to have been understood in the other House, or correctly stated there. Therefore, I think the House, in view of the importance of this action on the part of the Dáil, would be well advised to consider carefully this matter before they embark on reconsideration of it. It is for this House to say whether they should like to deal with this matter to-morrow, or let it stand over until, say, the first day of the session next week. We have to-morrow the Second Reading of the Judiciary Bill, which will necessarily take, I presume, some time. But if it is the wish of the House we could also dispose of this matter after the Second Reading of the Judiciary Bill. The House will, therefore, kindly say whether they prefer to deal with this to-morrow, or to allow it to stand until the first sitting of the Seanad next week.

Might I say in reference to what you have just stated, that some of the Senators sitting beside me are of opinion we might well postpone it until next week. I beg to move:—"That the consideration of this message from the Dáil returning the Fisheries Bill, 1923, and their disagreement to certain amendments inserted therein by this House, be postponed till next Wednesday, or the first sitting after the conclusion of this week."

Motion put and agreed to.