This is an urgent Bill, and it is purely formal. It is for the purpose of enabling companies whose documents of registration and other documents of that kind have been destroyed or burned to have an opportunity of getting attested copies, certified copies, and so forth, for the purpose of carrying on their work. It is therefore urgent, and it was passed in a very few minutes in the Dáil. It does not seem to me to suggest any topic for controversy, and it would be, I think, an appropriate Bill for the House, if they are satisfied to do so, to put through all its stages to-day, being, as I have said, an urgent Bill, in the interests of the commerce of the country.

I move: "That the Standing Orders be suspended for the purpose of enabling the Companies (Reconstitution of Records) Bill, 1924, to be passed through its remaining stages."

I second the motion.

Question put and agreed to.