The following motion appeared on the Orders of the Day in the name of Senator Sir J. Keane:—
"That in the opinion of the Seanad the time is now opportune for the appointment by the Government of a committee of experts to examine and report upon the question of introducing an improved system of public accountancy, as requested by unanimous resolution of this House on 28th November, 1923."


Senator Sir J. Keane is not here and I have not heard from him.

In connection with this motion it seems to me that we adopted that motion before, and that time was to be found for a discussion of the subject when the Minister for Finance could be present. To the best of my recollection, a debate took place on the last occasion when the Minister was absent through illness. I think, if possible, the consent of Senator Sir J. Keane should be obtained, for a discussion 1 early in the new year, by arrangement with the Minister for Finance.