Business of Seanad—Adjournment; Standing Order No. 25.

I have received the following letter from Senator Sir John Keane:—

"To the Chairman:—

I ask leave to move on the Adjournment of the House this afternoon a matter of urgent public importance, to wit, the refusal of the Press Censor to allow any publication in the daily Press of this morning of last night's debate on the motion for the Adjournment. (Signed), J. Keane.

I have read the notice because Senator Sir John Keane has intimated to me that he finds himself unable to be present at the opening of the proceedings to-day and I do not wish to place the Senator under any disadvantage on that account.

I have considered the matter carefully and I have come to the conclusion that the matter is not one contemplated by Standing Order No. 25—particularly from the point of view of urgency, the third requirement in that Standing Order. The Senator's notice appears to be by way of censure of administrative action already taken and, as such, can be dealt with in the ordinary way. I have, accordingly, to refuse the Senator's request.