Order of Business.

It is proposed to take items Nos. 1 and 2. It is proposed, by agreement to pass all Stages of the Appropriation Bill and by Government motion early in the New Year to debate it.

Would it be appropriate for me to inquire if the Government propose to make a statement in relation to the position in Poland?

I am in agreement with my colleague on the Labour benches. I sought to address this matter to the Chair by means of raising it on the Adjournment. I understand that there are technical procedural difficulties with regard to that. The situation is extremely grave in Poland at present. It is a matter that affects us all. If some means could be found whereby the House could advert to the situation before we break up for the recess, it would enhance the dignity and purpose of this House.

I join with my colleagues in seeking some way in which the House could express a view on the very grave situation in Poland. Since we are fortunate to have the Minister for Foreign Affairs in the House that might facilitate the possibility.

I too join with my colleagues in seeking some means of expressing our concern about events in Poland.

The Government are very concerned about developments in Poland. This matter was discussed among Foreign Ministers of the Ten last Monday on the occasion of their meeting in London. It was the subject of a statement by the Foreign Ministers of the Ten on Tuesday last. Since then, we and our partners have been in close contact with one another. We are watching developments with some anxiety. If at any time we consider the issue of a further statement on behalf of the Ten would contribute towards what we hope to see in regard to Poland, such a statement will be issued. If the House wishes to discuss the matter at any time today or any other time I will be prepared to make myself available.

It is a matter for the Leader of the House and the Whips to put down a motion and the Chair would welcome that initiative if it were to be agreed.

I suggest that the leaders of the groups and the Whips discuss the matter in the course of the morning.

Is it agreed that such a motion be added to the Order of Business?

For today?

Order of Business agreed to.