Regulation of Drones Bill 2016: First Stage

I move:

That leave be granted to introduce a Bill entitled an Act to regulate the use of drones having due regard for public safety, the privacy rights of individuals including rights of privacy attaching to the ownership of private property and for that purpose to provide for a system of registration and licensing which is dependent upon the power of the drone; to provide for a knowledge test to be taken by the owners of drones which exceed a certain size; to require drones to be insured; to set out general and specific principles on the safe operation of drones; to require that certain drones be affixed with a code which makes it identifiable; to provide for a drone reporting service; to require mandatory reporting of drone loss; to provide for the seizure of drones; to provide for the establishment of a working group to develop new policy relating to the commercial use of drones; and to make it an offence to contravene provisions of this Bill.

I second Senator Feargal Quinn's motion.

Question put and agreed to.

When is it proposed to take Second Stage?

On Tuesday, 2 February.

Is that agreed? Agreed.

Second Stage ordered for Tuesday, 2 February 2016.