The ACTING-PRESIDENT said that a Select Committee appointed at the Dáil meeting in April last had recommended that the vacancy in the Dáil should be filled, and suggested that the best procedure would be for the body which selected the late Member, Pierce McCann, to select the new member. The Ministry had not since been able to evolve any more satisfactory system of dealing with the matter. As the Constituency was under Martial Law this would appear to be the only course open to them.
Mr. M.P. COLLIVET (Limerick City) moved and Mr. ETCHINGHAM (Wicklow E.) seconded that the Dáil approve of the proposal.
After some discussion Mr. MACENTEE (Monaghan S.) moved:—"That the Election be deferred for six months."
Mr. MACCABE (Sligo S.) seconded, adding, "or until such time as the writ is issued by the English Government."
The ACTING-PRESIDENT suggested that a small Committee to consist of the Members for Tipperary and Mr. MACENTEE, with three Members of the Ministry, Mr. COSGRAVE, COUNT PLUNKETT, and Mr. BLYTHE, should again consider the question and report.
The suggestion was agreed to.
A motion to adjourn until 3.30 p.m. English time was agreed to.
On the suggestion of the ACTING-PRESIDENT it was agreed that a report of the proceedings should be supplied to the press.