The ACTING-PRESIDENT moved that:
"The establishment of a Consular Service is decreed. The Consuls appointed to be amenable to the Dáil."
Ireland ought to have a Consular Service in Switzerland, France, and Spain. In connection with America it was proposed to appoint a man there, and he would ask the Dáil not to mention his name.
Alderman T. KELLY (St. Stephen's Green) asked that his name be not disclosed. (Members signified their assent.)
The ACTING-PRESIDENT, continuing, said that the New York Consulate would be distinct from the political side. A sum of £3,000 would be required to secure the services of a first-class man and to establish him in a central office in the City.
LIAM DE ROISTE (Cork City) seconded.
J. MACDONAGH (Tipperary N.) moved, and M.P. COLLIVET (Limerick City) seconded, an amendment to the effect:—
"That the question of appointing Consuls be deferred until after the flotation of the Loan had been discussed."
This was defeated by nineteen votes to six.
Alderman T. KELLY (St. Stephen's Green) moved an addendum:—
"That a sum not exceeding £10,000 in any one year be appropriated for the Consular Service— details to be submitted to a later meeting of the Dáil."
J. O'MAHONY (Fermanagh S.) seconded, and the addendum was accepted by the ACTING-PRESIDENT.
The original motion thus amended was put and carried.