asked the Postmaster-General if he can state how many Post Office Savings Certificates have been bought in Ireland, and the total amount of money, both gross and net, that has been received by the State in this way.

Up to the 27th September 11,105 Savings Certificates were sold, and the amount realised in respect of them was £218,206 18s. 0d. Of those, 109 Certificates representing £1,799 6s. 0d. have been repaid, thus leaving the net sales 10,996 Certificates, and the net receipts £216,407 12s. 0d.

The actual figures for the period, 28th September to 4th October, are not yet available, but it is estimated that the number and value of the Certificates sold during that period will have been 950 and £13,000, respectively.

Arising out of that answer I would like to ask if, in ascertaining these net figures, regard was had to the cost of collection, and if the Postmaster-General can state what percentage that cost of collection was estimated to be?

The cost of collection is not included, nor can I say at the moment what it was. Notice will be required to get the further information asked for.