asked the Minister for Defence whether he is aware of the decision to grant no leave to men discharged on completion of six months' re-attested service, and whether he will consider the granting of leave, with pay and ration allowance to them, the same as has been granted previously, and is being granted at the present time to non-reattested men, in accordance with Defence Order No. 20, dated the 30th of July, 1923.

The Deputy is no doubt aware that the granting of leave with pay and ration allowance to N.C.O's and men on discharge was introduced as a temporary measure during a period when the strength of the Army was being considerably reduced and general demobilisation was in progress. The conditions at present are that recruiting is open and men are wanted in the Army. The soldiers who are now taking their discharges are doing so on completion of service, and in practically all cases are eligible for re-enlistment. In the circumstances, I regret that I am unable to comply with the Deputy's suggestion.