asked the Minister for Justice if he is aware that Peter Harten and John Arkins, both residing at Finea, Westmeath, were arrested by the Gárda Síochána on May 10th, 1924; and whether, seeing that no charge has been preferred against them, he will order their release.

I am aware that Peter Harten and John Arkins, both of Finea, County Westmeath, were arrested on the 10th ultimo, and detained under the Public Safety (Powers of Arrest and Detention) Temporary Act, 1924, on very strong suspicion of having been engaged in an attempt to overthrow by violence the established form of Government of the Saorstát. It is not proposed to release them for the present.

Will the Minister say when it is likely that he will charge them? When does he intend to bring them into court and have the charges proved against them?

Arising out of that question, will the Minister say whether these two men are Irish or English, or where did they come from?

I could not say.

For the information of Deputy Gorey, I may tell him they are two farm labourers.

They have very queer names.