Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Tourists' Motor Cars.

asked the Minister for Finance whether any customs facilities are granted to persons visiting this country who bring motor cars with them for the purpose of touring through the country; whether such tourists are prejudicially affected by the duties on motors, particularly on secondhand cars; and whether any customs difficulties are put in the way of tourists and visitors who bring with them full supplies of such outfit and necessaries as they may require during their stay here.

Persons visiting the Saorstát for touring purposes are given special facilities to enable them to import their motor cars for the purpose stated. These facilities provide for admission free of duty—

(1) On production of a triptyque or tarnet; or

(2) On payment of a deposit equivalent to the duty on the car, which is repayable on re-exportation of the car; or

(3) In the case of a car brought from Northern Ireland on bond being entered into in an amount sufficient to cover the duty on the car, the bond being discharged subsequently on re-exportation.

With regard to (1), members of an automobile club belonging to the International Federation of Recognised Automobile Clubs, or of an association belonging to the International Touring Alliance, may arrange with the club, or association, for the issue to them of a triptyque or tarnet. These documents are recognised internationally for touring purposes, and this country is a party to the International Conventions bearing on the matter.

These facilities are as extensive as those available in other countries, and consequently tourists are not prejudicially affected by the customs duties on motor cars (whether new or secondhand) in this country.

Tourists and visitors are allowed to bring in, free of duty, all private effects ordinarily necessary for use by persons entering for holiday purposes, including articles which may have to be provided by persons who take furnished houses, such as blankets, sheets, knives. The concession extends to golf clubs, fishing and other sporting tackle, and to perambulators, bicycles, cameras, etc.

The simple fact is that, so far from customs difficulties being put in the way of tourists, every possible customs facility is extended to such persons, and in no case is a charge of customs duty made in respect of belongings for personal use which are brought in and subsequently brought out of this country.