Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Pay and Conditions of Hotel Staffs.


asked the Minister for Transport and Power if he will take steps to ensure that State grants and loans should not be paid to hotels which do not give reasonable rates of pay and reasonable conditions to their staffs.

Rates of pay and conditions of employment of hotel staff are matters for settlement in the first instance between employers and employees. It would be quite inappropriate and outside their statutory functions for Bord Fáilte to endeavour to regulate such matters through the machinery of their hotel grant and loan schemes.

Is the Minister prepared to indicate his feelings on this matter?

Naturally, I would like to see conditions improved in hotels. The Deputy should be aware that the new staff training scheme, in which I understand he is personally interested, has as one of its functions to make recommendations to the industry on conditions of employment, including wages, for each category of staff. We hope that under the training scheme there can be an improvement in this direction carried out progressively and steadily. As the Deputy knows, the hotel managers, Bord Fáilte and the trade unions are in that project and it is through them that progress can be made where possible.

Surely the Minister is not suggesting that the onus for this whole matter should be placed on the staff-training people?

I did not say that.

Has the Minister any viewpoints in relation to this? Is he prepared to issue a recommendation to the people concerned?

I want to indicate that it is a matter for the employers and the unions concerned and it is then a matter for the general consideration of the industry. I have made a number of speeches pointing out the importance of proper accommodation and conditions for staff. In addition to that there is a staff training scheme under which this matter could properly be ventilated.

Has the Minister any responsibility in that?

It is no good for the Deputy to ask stupid questions like that.

The Minister would not give an answer, even if it were a stupid answer, because he would not have the courtesy. We have this boorish, bad-mannered man sent about to make speeches at chamber of commerce dinners until we are sick of them. He was down at the RGDATA function. What had RGDATA to do with his Department? It is all cod. I have never heard of anything like it. Then he comes in here trying to fool the people.


These interruptions are holding up the business of the House and cannot be permitted.

This Minister refuses to do the business of the House.