Order of Business (Resumed).

Six Bills are being carried forward on the Order Paper from 1991. We are now five months into 1992 and we have yet to complete the following: Regional Technical Colleges Bill, 1991; Dublin Institute of Technology Bill, 1991; Roads Bill, 1991; Control of Dogs (Amendment) Bill, 1991; Local Government (Planning and Development) Bill, 1991; Solicitors (Amendment) Bill, 1991. This is all last year's business which if it has been discussed at all, has been discussed only briefly. Will the Taoiseach say when he expects last year's business to be cleared up?

First, some of those Bills have been discussed. Let me point out to the Deputy that in response to a question last week I said that a list of the legislation we expect to discuss this session will be available for the Whips' meeting on Thursday. That will be done.

May I ask the Taoiseach if he expects priority will be given to legislation being carried forward from last year?

I expect this will be settled at the meeting of the Whips next Thursday.

Will the Government introduce a broadcasting Bill this session as there is widespread speculation today about a new broadcasting Bill?

Has it been promised?

Is it intended that the Government or the Minister for Communications make a statement on the postal dispute, and the steps being taken to ensure the distribution of information on the referendum? Is the Taoiseach aware that——

This does not arise now. It is an ongoing matter which this House has already discussed.

——600 staff have been suspended in addition to those already suspended?

I have already ruled the matter out of order.

May I raise the question of the denial of supplementary welfare benefit to the staff who have been suspended, although they are not on strike?

There are probably other ways of raising the matter in a proper fashion.

Will the Taoiseach make arrangements to bring forward the Communications Estimate so that these subjects can be discussed in view of the fact that the Broadcasting Bill and the position of the postal workers was raised in this House this afternoon, and the speculation about post offices and related matters which is causing very grave concern in the community? Can we have an early opportunity to debate these matters in this House?

The matter will be discussed by the Whips.

Would the Taoiseach not accept that this is a matter of urgency, and that hundreds of postal workers who were at work last week have not been paid and that they cannot wait——

I am sorry Deputies, this does not arise now.