Written Answers. - Defence Force Legal Claims.

Paul Bradford


33 Mr. Bradford asked the Minister for Defence the amounts, if any, that have been paid in compensation to members of the Defence Forces for personal injury suffered while on service in the Lebanon, in each of the years 1991 to 1993.

The amounts paid in the years 1991 to 1993 to members of the Defence Forces on foot of civil legal claims in respect of personal injuries suffered while on duty in Lebanon was as follows: 1991, £470,974; 1992, £214,818; 1993, £401,906.

Under the Army Pensions Acts, compensation by way of a disability pension or a gratuity may be granted to a former member of the Permanent Defence Force who, on retirement or discharge, is found to be suffering from a disablement due to the injury attributable to military service at home or abroad. In addition to such benefits,ex-gratia lump sum compensation may, subject to certain conditions, be granted in respect of disablement due to injury attributable to service abroad with the UN. Details of the amounts paid under these headings arising from service in the Lebanon in respect of the years in question are not readily available. However, the total amounts paid by way of disablement benefits for those years are as follows: 1991, £3,504,503; 1992, £3,406,647; 1993, £3,554,569.